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Mechatronic solution

Mechatronics going beyond.
We are developing laser machining solutions, electrical discharge machining solutions, and numerical control system solutions with the aim of achieving higher levels of sophistication, higher precision, and higher speeds required at manufacturing sites. Mitsubishi Electric's mechatronics solutions bring infinite possibilities and innovative value to the shop floor.

Product Info

  • A laser processing machine that provides high-speed, high-precision cutting, welding, and drilling. Leading the way in manufacturing with technology developed in-house, from processing machines to oscillators and controllers.
  • A die-sinker / wire electric discharge machine that demonstrates its power in mold production. High-speed, high-precision machining improves productivity and revolutionizes parts machining in the aerospace and IT industries.
  • With its unique high-speed processing capability, Mitsubishi's CNC has always been the industry leader. We have been adopted by machine tool manufacturers around the world to contribute to the world of manufacturing.

Complex solution facility


  • Information about development stories, solution examples, and other tips for businesses of manufacturing companies are posted.
  • We support cutting-edge manufacturing with industrial mechatronics products that enable high-speed and high-precision machining.
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