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Products and Technologies

Products and technologies

Advanced products, software and networks that support eF @ ctory .
New "eF @ ctory" realizes connection with more devices and networks.
Various devices and facilities can work together to overcome the barriers of companies and standards, enabling innovative manufacturing.
IT system software
Edge computing and products
Production sites and solutions

Edge computing and products

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Industrial PC
MELIPC series
It can be used for two types of purposes: "real-time control" to control equipment and "edge computing" to collect and analyze data at the edge layer. A wide lineup from high-end models to low-range models, contributing to the improvement of production sites by utilizing data.
  • Equipped with Windows® and VxWorks®, consolidating device control and information processing functions into one
  • High-precision device control realized by CC-Link IE Field Network
MI3000 / MI2000 / MI1000

Display and operate MI3000 collected data MI3000 / MI2000 data analysis and large data storage
Realizes PC function with MI1000 compact size

Edgecross compatible software
Real-time data analyzer
  • Offline analysis / real-time diagnosis of various data at the production site is possible.
  • The similar waveform recognition technology of Mitsubishi Electric AI Maisart * enables learning / recognition of device sensor waveforms.
  • Statistical methods such as MT method and multiple regression analysis can be easily used to detect signs of system abnormalities.
    *Mitsubishi Electric's AI creates the State-of-the-ART in technology.
GT SoftGOT2000
  • GOT2000 functions can be used on a personal computer.
  • GOT2000 series screen data can be used.
  • Cooperation with other applications is also realized.
MC Works64 Edge Computing Edition
  • A variety of data on the production site can be monitored and monitored.
  • Advanced visualization, such as 3D display, and remote monitoring with a web browser or mobile device are possible.
EcoAdviser, an

energy-saving support application

Not only measurement and collection of energy data, but also various analysis according to usage scene such as usage ratio, variation, correlation diagram, etc. are possible.

MES interface products that can be linked to a database without a PC or program
MES interface unit
The sequencer and database can be directly connected without a gateway PC or communication program.
Numerical control unit (CNC)
M800 / M80 series
MES interface function
CNC sends machining information and operation status of machine tools to MES.
Display (HMI)
MES interface function
Collects information on FA devices connected to the display unit and sends it to MES.
Robust system construction with embedded OPC UA server
MELSEC iQ-R series
OPC UA server module
OPC UA communication is possible with simple settings.
High-speed logging of production site information
high - speed data logger module
From high-speed data collection to form creation is possible.
Box data logger
Equipment data can be easily logged without a personal computer.
C language controller capable of control, information processing and high-level communication processing by C / C ++ language programs
C language controller unit
Automatic data collection and processing becomes easy.
MELSEC iQ-R Series
C language intelligent function unit
Robust and long-term operation is possible.

IT system software

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MC Works64
MC Works64 provides solutions to various needs related to monitoring and control, such as improved visibility and operability, improved reliability, reduced engineering man-hours, visualization of energy, and preventive maintenance.
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