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Safety solutions


Safety is a new stage where humans and machines work together

Traditionally, the safety of machinery and equipment has been maintained by human attention.
In this method, the principle of "separation" between machines and people was used, and safety controls such as emergency stop and safety protection measures based on risk assessment were performed.
However, with the advancement of safety technology, it has become possible to reduce the operating speed when a person approaches the machine, and to not stop the machine when the person is away from the machine.
We are moving to a new stage where people and machines work together.
Mitsubishi Electric has a lineup of various products for building safety systems, and proposes total safety solutions that realize “cooperation” between humans and machines.

* In March 2016, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare enacted guidelines for ensuring the safety of machinery and other equipment through functional safety.

Lineup of total safety solutions

Mitsubishi Electric offers a total safety solution with a selection of devices that comply with international safety standards.
Safety sequencer Safety controller
MELSEC iQ-R series MELSEC-QS series MELSEC-WS series

Point of model selection

From the lineup, select the most suitable safety control device for your system configuration.
MELSEC iQ-R series
(safety sequencer)
  • For medium / large-scale general / safety control
  • Cooperation with driving equipment is possible with one CC-Link IE Field Network
  • General control and safety control can be integrated
  • Flexible programming with ladder and safety FB
MELSEC-QS series
(safety sequencer)
  • For medium and large-scale safety control
  • Flexible programming with ladder and safety FB
MELSEC-WS series
(safety controller)
  • For small / medium scale safety control
  • Flexi Line / Flexi Link network between safety controllers enables system expansion
  • Settings and logic creation are possible with the free "design and monitor tool"
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