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Solutions by Purpose

Introducing examples of FA solutions that are tailored to the customer's purpose, such as enhancing traceability, preventive maintenance, improving productivity, improving quality, and saving energy, in order to optimize the manufacturing industry.
Energy saving
1 Realizing "visualization" of energy using the Web!
2 Remotely monitor electric rooms far away by constructing an automatic meter reading system!
Realizing "visualization" of energy using the Web!
I want to save energy on the production line, but I don't know what to use for the energy consumption of each device.
Introducing EcoServerIII, collecting data, linking device information with basic units of energy consumption, and "visualizing" energy consumption on the Web.
FA solution adoption example
With the introduction of EcoServerIII,
energy consumption can be visualized for each device!
"Visualization" of energy consumption for each device!
Understand standby power and contribute to finding energy problems!
Remote monitoring of a remote electrical room by building an automatic meter reading system!
I spend a lot of time reading the patrols. Energy consumption can be measured only once a month.
Automatic meter reading from a remote location with automatic data collection and visualization by EcoServerIII! Wireless wiring that does not care about wiring reduces the labor and cost of system construction!
FA solution adoption example
Smart remote monitoring by automating data collection and visualization !
Construction of remote monitoring system, introduction of EcoServerIII, collection of measurement data with EcoMonitorLight, and automatic meter reading.
Wireless communication is not required for communication from remote locations, and a system that reduces installation costs has been developed.
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