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e-F@ctory leverages knowledge accumulated to date to find the optimal solution for each industry type and process
e-F@ctory was launched in 2003 and has helped many companies solve various issues. From the knowledge accumulated down through the years, e-F@ctory proposes optimal solutions for each industry type and process to achieve productivity and quality improvements, cycle-time reductions, preventive maintenance, "visualization" of energy, energy savings and so on.

 Automotive / Automotive Parts
We will solve various problems such as compatibility of multi-car mix, required for automobile factories handling vast number of parts and various processes, improvement of production speed and quality, and consideration of safety to workers.

Electrical and electronic fields
In the electric and electronic fields where more sophisticated and complex work is required, we will introduce problem solving examples by process, such as automation of work by robot equipped with force sensor and work support system, reduction of human error.

Food, medicine and cosmetic
In order to support the manufacture of daily necessities, we propose not only each manufacturing process but also the optimum solution for the entire factory.

 Social Infrastructure
We cooperate with various partners to provide social infrastructure system solutions based on the latest needs.

We are proposing further energy saving and highly accurate control system of ship facilities with advanced technology cultivated in FA.

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