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Equipment design efficiency solution

Smart equipment design! !
The engineering chain consists of a “design phase” and a “manufacturing / operation / maintenance phase”. In eF @ ctory's smart factory engineering, by linking "our engineering tools" and "partner products", we will start from system design and make maintenance more efficient.
Equipment design flow
Assignment 01
  • I do not want to enter the same data over and over for each tool.
  • I want to eliminate typing mistakes and omissions in settings.
  • I want to make programming design more efficient.
Reduce design time
Assignment 02
  • I want to check the operation of a local actual machine in advance.
  • I want to verify the device without an actual machine.
Shortening on-site adjustment time
Assignment 03
  • During maintenance, you want to check the device design drawings and wiring diagrams on site.
  • I want to diagnose the difference from the tact time at the design stage.
Efficient maintenance
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Created: March 2019
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