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iQ Platform


iQ Platform for maximum return on investment
Minimize TCO, Seamless integration, Maximize productivity, Transparent communications: these are common items that highlight the benefits of the iQ Platform and e-F@ctory. The iQ Platform minimizes TCO at all phases of the automation life cycle by improving development times, enhancing productivity, reducing maintenance costs, and making information more easily accessible across the plant. Together with e-F@ctory, offering various best-in-class solutions through its e-F@ctory alliance program, the capabilities of the manufacturing enterprise is enhanced even further realizing the next level for future intelligent manufacturing plants.
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Further reduce TCO while securing your manufacturing assets

Automation Controller Improve productivity and product quality

1. High-speed system bus realizing improved system performance
2. On-screen multi-touch control enabling smooth GOT (HMI) operations

Integrated Network Best-in-class integrated network optimizing production capabilities

1. CC-Link IE supporting 1 Gbps high-speed communication
2. Seamless connectivity within all levels of manufacturing with SLMP

Integrated Engineering Integrated engineering environment with system level features

1. Automatic generation of system configuration
2. Share parameters across multiple engineering software via MELSOFT Navigator
3. Changes to system labels are reflected between PAC and HMI
*TCO: Total Cost of Ownership
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