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Sensor solution

Strengthening connection affinity with sensors of various partners. We propose various solutions that contribute to total cost reduction from development to maintenance of production equipment .

Choose from solutions

  • Further strengthen cooperation between partner sensors and sequencers, displays, and engineering environments. Dramatically improved operability and reduced TCO * .
    * TCO: Total Cost of Ownership
  • MELSENSOR pursuing compatibility with Mitsubishi Electric FA products such as sequencers. Inspection and measurement are easily automated, contributing to quality improvement and traceability enhancement.

Choose from sensors

  • It can detect the size, shape, color and position of the work, and perform advanced appearance inspection, positioning, and character recognition.
  • One-dimensional code and two-dimensional code printed on the work can be read and used as information such as traceability management of articles.
  • Workpiece height measurement and position information acquisition for height control can be performed with high accuracy on the order of microns.
  • The position and width can be measured, such as the meandering position of the sheet material and the position within the measurement width.
  • Inspection of workpiece shape and assembly accuracy, and detection of workpiece position are possible.
  • The presence of a workpiece can be detected by light such as visible light.
  • The presence or absence of a work can be detected by light such as visible light, and it can be installed in a small space.
  • It enables long-distance, pinpoint work detection, which is difficult with LED light sources, and enables highly accurate detection such as positioning.
  • Workpieces can be detected in narrow places where photoelectric sensors cannot be installed or in severe places (high temperatures, vacuum, around chemicals).
  • A sensor with excellent durability that detects workpieces such as metal without contact
  • By detecting the magnetic force built into the cylinder piston , the piston position can be monitored.
  • It detects the pressure of gas such as air, and can detect the source pressure and adsorption pressure of the device.
  • Driving of air cylinder, hand, etc. is possible. Because of the manifold type, large actuators can be driven in a small space.
  • This is a position sensor that converts the amount of mechanical displacement in the rotation direction or linear direction into a digital value.
  • An RFID tag can be attached to an object, and the object can be authenticated and managed by wireless communication.
  • It can be attached to remote devices or moving objects where wiring is difficult, and data can be collected by wireless communication.
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