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Solutions by Purpose

Introducing examples of FA solutions that are tailored to the customer's purpose, such as enhancing traceability, preventive maintenance, improving productivity, improving quality, and saving energy, in order to optimize the manufacturing industry.
Productivity improvement
1 Introducing an inexpensive ANDON system!
2 Food defense using cameras and further productivity improvement!
introduction easy to see Andon system to less expensive!
Cost is high because two display units are required. It is hard to see because the resolution does not match with the direct output from the display.
The system is built with a simple configuration to reduce costs, sharing operation information even with tablets and smartphones, and considering operability and displayability.
FA solution adoption example
By building a system with a simple configuration, a cheap, easy to read and easy to use ANDON system is introduced!
Operation and high-resolution display are realized with one display unit!
Monitor your own devices via wireless LAN!
Food defense using twocameras and further improvement in productivity!
Due to price competition, capital investment is not possible, and there are many manual processes, so the production situation is unknown.
Monitoring and analysis of the entire factory by introducing a camera-based defense system and SA1-III that can also collect quality data. Improve productivity.
FA solution adoption example
Effective food defense, energy savings and productivity improvement with the introduction of camera operation monitoring and SA1-III !
Use cameras to understand the status of lines and production equipment, and achieve effective food defense!
Visualize quality and energy data with SA1-III!
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