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Open integrated network CC-Link IE TSN

Combining production sites and IT systems with CC-Link IE TSN employing TSN technology

An Ethernet-based open integrated network that seamlessly connects information systems to production sites. By utilizing CC-Link IE TSN, which newly applies TSN (Time Sensitive Networking) technology, the integration of control communication and information communication essential for the realization of a smart factory is realized on one network, and the FA integrated solution `` eF @ctory ”.

CC-Link IE
It is a core network in the factory that supports large-scale controller distributed control and bundles each field network.
An Ethernet-based open field network that covers everything from high-speed I / O control to distributed controller control with a single network, and achieves a high degree of freedom in wiring according to the equipment layout.
A network that implements cyclic communication using only software. Supports networking of small devices that do not require high-speed control.
Other networks
Flexible support for long-distance wiring. A high-speed, high-performance servo system controller network that uses optical fiber cables.
A world-standard open field network that demonstrates high performance for connection between field devices in I / O control.
It is a flexible sensor network that realizes reduced wiring and man-hours with small remote I / O that emphasizes ease of use, as well as status monitoring and preventive maintenance using network-directed sensors.
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