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Social infrastructure

Supporting society and your life
In social infrastructure systems that support our daily lives, various issues must be solved, such as ensuring energy efficiency for 24 hours of operation, energy saving measures, and the use of renewable energy. Mitsubishi Electric will provide social infrastructure system solutions based on the latest needs by cooperating with various partners, and support system integrators' business competitiveness and overseas expansion.
Solar power system solutions
As a solar power generation system solution for mega solar power plants, we introduce Hirose's large-capacity power conditioner package system "SOLAR SPEC" for photovoltaic power generation, which incorporates many Mitsubishi Electric products.

[1] Power generation unit
Mitsubishi solar cell module DIAMONDSOLAR is connected to a power conditioner via a junction box and current collector to generate power. Electric power is converted from DC to AC by the power conditioner. DC high voltage compatible Mitsubishi no-fuse circuit breaker and Mitsubishi low pressure air circuit breaker cut off power, and Mitsubishi top runner transformer transforms power.

[2] Monitoring and control unit The
monitoring control unit EneWatch manufactured by BCC Co., Ltd. monitors and controls the power conditioner.

MELSEC-Q series C language controller and various units collect power generation, calculate, and monitor device status.
In cooperation with the string monitoring unit SOLAR LOOK, it detects performance degradation and failure of the solar cell module.
The communication controller RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) supports international communication standards (IEC61850 (planned), IEC60870, DNP3) for realizing a smart grid.

Energy saving management system (BEMS) solution for buildings
Introducing visualization of energy consumption and energy saving in buildings.

For integrated building management systems such as BEMS, air conditioning control, lighting control, and security management, we provide total solutions from monitoring devices to controllers and field devices. We propose the MELSEC-Q series duplex CPU for high reliability use, the MELSEC-L series / Q series for general use, and the MELSEC-F series for low cost use depending on the application.

[1] Visualization of
energy SCADA MC Works64 visualizes the energy consumption measured by various devices such as the energy measurement unit EcoMonitorLight, which can easily measure energy consumption, and finds waste of energy. In addition, various sensors of the wiring-saving network AnyWire visualize temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration, etc., and support air conditioning control.

[2] Energy saving A
high-performance and environmentally friendly inverter FREQROL and a three-phase motor that satisfies premium efficiency save energy on fan, pump and blower control. And MELSEC cooperates with SCADA MC Works64 to monitor and control each device.

Social infrastructure monitoring and control system solution
Introducing monitoring and control solutions for social infrastructure facilities and equipment that operate 24 hours a day, such as pure water production equipment at semiconductor factories and wastewater treatment equipment at factories that are indispensable to our lives. MELSEC-Q series process CPUs / redundant CPUs have been used for many social infrastructure facilities and devices around the world for more than 10 years since their release.

[1] Highly reliable monitoring and control system with SCADA and redundant CPUs •Highly reliable system with MELSEC-Q series redundant CPUs
• Distributed system with remote I / O
• Central monitoring with high-performance and high-performance SCADA MC Works64
• On-site monitoring with tablets

[2] Device / site monitoring and control system using GOT and high-speed process CPU
• Compact system without PC using GOT screen generation function
• Downsizing using CPU with built-in Ethernet port
• Mitsubishi Electric can select analog input type for each channel Analog signal converter manufactured by Engineering Co., Ltd.

Product lineup
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