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Solutions by Purpose

Introducing examples of FA solutions that are tailored to the customer's purpose, such as enhancing traceability, preventive maintenance, improving productivity, improving quality, and saving energy, in order to optimize the manufacturing industry.
Preventive maintenance
1 Simplify data collection and extraction, and smartly implement preventive maintenance!
2 Contributes to on-site preventive maintenance and improvement of operation rate!
Simplify data collection and extraction, and realize preventive maintenance smartly!
Since the information from the production equipment and the information on the production management cannot be linked, the cause of the abnormality cannot be specified.
It is linked to production management and equipment data, and is set so that data can be cut out in detail so that data can be easily identified and compared.
FA solution adoption example
Achieve diverse analysis and preventive maintenance through more efficient use of data !
Since data on production management and equipment are linked,
data identification is possible and comparison is easy!
Since data can be cut out and analyzed in detail
, it is possible to analyze abnormalities, leading to preventive maintenance!
Rcontribute to the preventive maintenance and capacity utilization improved in the field!
Want to perform preventive maintenance and improve the operation rate from the field level. I want to eliminate the suspension of lines and complicated maintenance.
We propose a system that can perform life diagnosis and machine diagnosis without using a personal computer, easily acquire data using an HMI, and realize visualization.
FA solution adoption example
With the introduction of the GOT2000 series,
planned maintenance reduces maintenance costs!
Amplifier life diagnosis and machine diagnosis are realized without a PC!
Operation data is logged by GOT!
Changes are reported by a preliminary warning, allowing planned maintenance!
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