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FA application package iQ Monozukuri

A step to introduce "e-F@ctory". That is " iQ Monozukuri ".

Line up

What is iQ Monozukuri ?

The iQ Monozukuri is a product that has been optimized through the accumulation of knowhow, which supports various problem solutions of the customer during manufacturing, and enables effective system installation, expansion, and operation/maintenance.

Provided value of iQ Monozukuri
Programming: Control program or screen data of HMI
Reduce development cost
Startup: Setting support tool or interactive wizard
Reduce startup time
Operation and maintenance: BI (Business Intelligence) tool
Contribute productivity improvement
The flow of system provision
Mitsubishi Electric FA Application Package iQ Monozukuri is provided in the following flow.
*An abbreviation for System Integrator. Self-engineering is also available.
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