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Remote solution


MITSUBISHI will provide the optimal solution according to the customer's request.
Use the Internet to achieve flexible maintenance regardless of overseas or domestic locations and locations!
Mitsubishi Electric FA Remote Solution Catalog
L (N) 08177-J
created: April 2019
Capacity: 7.1MB (PDF)
* 1) Internet and VPN router are connected by xDSL modem.
VPN (Virtual Private Network)
This technology encrypts communication contents and connects networks.
In combination with the Internet, it can be used in a state where remote networks are connected by LAN.
A VPN connection service provider is helping you build a VPN system .
VPN router ...
A communication device that encrypts and relays data between different networks.
xDSL ...
A generic term for communication systems using telephone lines such as ADSL and VDSL.
xDSL modem
Communication equipment required when connecting a VPN router to an xDSL line.
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