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Solutions by Product

Utilizing Mitsubishi Electric's wide range of FA products, we propose optimal solutions in various fields.
  • Using the general-purpose sequencer MELSEC-Q series as a platform, we provide an instrumentation solution that combines FA and PA.
  • We provide a platform that solves the problem of maintenance and management costs for microcomputer / PC environments.
  • Highly balancing equipment operation and human safety in dangerous areas. Mitsubishi Electric's total safety solution is realized.
  • We propose various solutions that contribute to total cost reduction from development to maintenance of production equipment.
  • Introducing Mitsubishi Electric's data logging products that are active in manufacturing sites.
  • Flexible maintenance is realized regardless of overseas or domestic bases and locations.
  • We automate production sites with robots to achieve both productivity improvement and total cost reduction.
  • By linking signal data and simulation operation with various CAD systems, we can reduce engineering man-hours and improve quality in the equipment design phase.
  • By using IoT to visualize, analyze, improve and operate energy, we support the improvement of productivity and energy saving at production sites.
  • Introducing mechatronics solutions that bring innovative value to machining sites with laser machining machines, electric discharge machines, and numerical control devices (CNC).
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