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Embedded system solution (C controller)


An open platform C language controller that can be used for innovation at production sites and edge computing

C language controller and C language intelligent function module are a long-term stable supply, high reliability, high performance and flexible open platform that can execute C language programs on MELSEC.

While performing MELSEC series unit management and input / output control using a C / C ++ language program, high-speed arithmetic processing that cannot be achieved with a ladder program can be executed.

Temporarily processes and analyzes information collected at production sites, such as control, inspection, monitoring, transportation, assembly, and communication gateways, and performs real-time diagnosis. This enables early detection of abnormalities and quick response, which contributes to quality improvement and productivity improvement.

A variety of systems can be constructed by combining various modules of the MELSEC iQ-R / Q series, partner products, open source, and customer program assets.

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